Friday, 27 August 2010

Our Sixth Day!

Our sixth day on the Isle of Wight has been a quiet one, which isn't surprising as the weather hasn't been kind again.

We started off with a breakfast at McDonald's, then we went for a good look around Newport Town Centre. There's plenty of shops, a M & S, but some of them are a looking a little tired, like most British town centres I guess.


Next up we drove to Ryde. I'll quickly mention the roads and drivers on the IOW. Most of the roads are narrow, twisty, hilly and with plenty of blind corners. So, as you'd expect, visitors to the Island (like me) will drive conservatively and safely- making sure that I slow down for corners and junctions, especially in the wet.

However, lots of the local cars drive incredibly fast and too dangerously for the conditions. If you go out every day and drive across the island, expect to have someone driving far too close behind you, and they'll probably try to overtake when there's a junction or a blind bend coming up. Enough said.

We had a really good look around Ryde, and even took a ride on the land-train along the sea-front.


On the way home we stopped off for a roast dinner at a carvery, and the day was done.

Thanks, Rob.

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