Thursday, 26 August 2010

On The Fifth Day It Rained!

Our fifth day on the Isle of Wight! Unfortunately today the bad weather really kicked in, shortening our day and making the rest of the week difficult if it stays stormy.

We decided to go to The Isle of Wight Steam Railway this morning, as Suzanne has never ridden on a steam train and wanted to as soon as she saw the Railway online.


We got to the station early, so we purchased our tickets, had a look around then went back to our car for a cup of coffee.


At about ten fifteen we headed back in, had our third-class tickets clipped, then climbed aboard. After about five minutes the train set off and we were treated the sights, smells and sounds of an ols steam train.

The track is pretty straight, so you can't actually see the train for most of the journey, but you do get a glimpse of the steam engine on the gentle curves.

The IOW Steam Railway runs two trains at a time, one on either sides of the track, so each train runs to one end and back again. We were in our carriage for about an hour. You can get off and have a look around at the stops, however we stayed aboard as the rain was coming down hard.


When we arrived back at the main train-station the weather brightened up for a few minutes, so we took some photos and had a mooch around the gift shop.

The rain came down like cats and dogs, so we were pleased that we had chosen to visit the Dinosaur Isle attraction at Sandown this afternoon. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake.

I'm sure that if you're really into fossils, Dinosaur Isle could be a real treat, but for us it was a let-down. It may have been because it was very busy, but the center felt more like an exhibition than a museum.


There are plenty of static displays with lots to read, and the younger kids seemed to really enjoy running around filling in their action packs and playing with the displays, but we weren't that interested so left after about half an hour.


After that it was back to Gurnard Pines for a bite to eat and a swim I'm the pool.

Another good day, even if Dinosaur Isle was a disapointment, but now as we sit watching TV, the rain is thundering down on the roof of our chalet, and the weather reports say the bad weather is here to stay. Let's hope they're wrong and we'll have some sun for the last couple of days of our holiday on the Isle of Wight.

Thanks, Rob.

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